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Political art has always been very distant and repulsive to me. It still is. They definitely prefer when art deals with universal problems, not related to a specific situation and time. Unfortunately, my hypersensitivity burns me when I see and hear what is happening around me. Nationalist moods are more and more felt and tolerated, and what's more, they are even nurtured. This realization is an attempt to raise the problem of the so-called patriotic education, so much praised by the current authorities. I used a very well-known children's poem by Władysław Bełza entitled "Catechism of a Young Pole". I know him from kindergarten. Probably everyone knows him. When I entered the title of this poem in the YouTube search engine, a lot of videos popped up in which small, still weakly speaking children recite this work at the request of their parents. Not in all cases it is recited to the end, which reads "owe her something, give her life". Such words spoken by a five-year-old, unaware of their meaning, work very strongly. The work was an installation consisting of patriotic coloring books purchased at the Polish Post Office, and sound extracted from the aforementioned YouTube videos.

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