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Katarzyna Malejka, Tomasz Wlaźlak


The burning building is a phenomenon that is both dramatic and spectacular, and apart from the victims, there is usually also a crowd in the role of onlookers. Following this path, we wanted to focus on a specific place, recreating a fire that belonged to a series of mysterious events that contributed to the disappearance of the historic complex of the Gdańsk slaughterhouse. Long Gardens is a place of contrasts and contradictory intentions. Charred roof trusses and openwork façades of buildings eaten up by fire are located in close proximity to the carefully cared for old town. Objects of this type, like shadows of the past, left to themselves manifest their dramatic nature, regardless of whether we are able to understand their history. "What a beautiful catastrophe" is an installation that aims to evoke a fire in a direct way. By avoiding artistic metaphors and transferring meanings, the building becomes an integral part of the design. He tells his story himself, because his fate seems to be sealed.

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